Map illustrationWith over 10 years of experience at incorporating companies in Asia, mainly Hong Kong and Mainland China, we decided to design a specific solution for “Digital Nomads”. From the very beginning, we had many nomads as customers since the HK company was a very good remote solution. Last 4 years, we had to refuse 2/3 of young entrepreneurs coming to us. It was simply impossible to open an account for this specific crowd in a reliable bank.

Explanation bank account in Hong Kong

Today, things have changed. In order to allow most entrepreneurs to start their business ASAP, we adopted a strategy in 2 steps. From 0EUR to 500.000EUR of expected revenue, we offer you to open an account at NEAT.HK, easy and fast. Above 500.000EUR, we can assist you to open a bank account at HSBC or OCBC (Hong Kong or Singapore).

Setting your company in Hong Kong with us, this is:
– a company registration at distance in 24-48 hours*
– an account opening process in 8-10 days** and online with our partner.
– a voucher of 6 months of subscription fee at
– a registered address and an official secretary for the first year.
– designated representative included for the first year & significant registry set up.
– customer service by email and skype providing professional information in relation with your Hong Kong for the first year.

Our price for the incorporation & 1st year, as described above, is: 1.680 EUR

Of course, as well included in our solution:
– Your company name validity and availability check at the HK Company Registry,
– The incorporation notice for your company at the proper administrative office in Hong Kong,
– The issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation for your company,
– The redaction of the Memorandum and Articles of Association,
– The issuance of the Business Registration Certificate – giving you the right to have a commercial activity,
– The redaction of the first minutes of the General Assembly,
– The issuance of your share certificate.

*timing valid once we received your payment and all documents & information required.
**this estimation is, according to our experience, the time required by the bank in order to go through the compliance process. Please note that Neat.HK is the only decision-maker for the account opening decision.

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Coreporate Limited, legal entity managing and owner of, is a Trust & Corporate Service Provider licensee at the Hong Kong Registry. License number: TC003532.