Personal Banking Solution in Europe:

N26 is a German bank opening accounts online for individuals residing in Europe. They are offering 3 solutions. N26 accounts with no monthly fees. N26 Black that provides a cool black card,  an insurance and a few other benefits, and Business accounts that are targeting Self-Employed and Freelancers. Another feature included with personal accounts is the use of Transferwise for currency exchanges and transfers.  We have already been accepted as a partner of N26. Visit their website for more information.

Personal Fintech Solution in Asia:

Logo Neat HK Neat.HK is a Hong Kong based fintech. The company has set up, through an intelligent process, agreements with Standards Chartered (for their virtual IBAN), and with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China – Hong Kong Branch in order to host the Trust account guaranteeing the funds depositied. They offer account and Mastercards services provided through a quick online account opening process. If you have any issue or questions, their chat system is efficiently and available on short notice in order to give you quality informations.